10 random takes on Kristina. Festival-Bloggerin Kristina Königseder stellt sich vor

Kristina Königseder

10 random takes on Kristina. Festival-Bloggerin Kristina Königseder stellt sich vor

Hi my name is Kristina. I am 25 years old and originally from idyllic Mühlviertel in Upper Austria. I am currently doing my masters degree in arts- and cultural management at “Die Angewandte” in Vienna and I am happy to be part of the TAKE THAT blogger team.


I prefer old people over puppies and babies. To me they are the cutest! Ok, maybe I am a little obsessed even. I can’t wait to be a full-on-Yetta-glitter granny myself, that doesn’t give a shit about anything.

Kristina Königseder

two grannies working their magic










When I am drunk I start bragging about my “badass” skiing skills and show off the countless scars i collected back in my time as a “skater girl”. In reality they are the results of me being the clumsiest person on earth.

If Mick Jagger asked me to marry him i’d most certainly say yes. We share an obsessive love of crazy jumpsuits, therefore I am sure our relationship would work out great.

Kristina Königseder  Kristina Königseder

A thing that drives me nuts currently is fashion blogger girls posting outfit pictures – or worse “shoefies” – in the snow wearing open-toe stilettos. I mean seriously who does that? Are bladder infections en vogue now?

I am constantly quoting Samantha from “Sex and the City”. Almost everything I know about men, I learned from her – which is why I am single probably. Still, smartest woman I know.

My style repertoire goes from all-black-everything minimalist to hippie peacock on LSD.

Kristina Königseder Kristina Königseder Kristina Königseder

I am neither physically nor mentally able to get on a plane without having at least two glasses of prosecco and a Xanax.

The last book I read, “Die weiteren Aussichten” by Robert Seethaler, turned me into one of these weirdos laughing out loud in the metro train several times. Totally not awkward when you are aware of the fact that one of main characters is a goldfish named Georg…

This Petar Petrov ensemble made my heart jump at first sight. To me it is pure perfection and I would probably sell my soul for it!

Kristina Königseder

Petar Petrov SS16














The first thing I do when I come home to Austria after some time abroad, is have a glass of “Grüner Veltliner”. I don’t think I could ever truly live without it.


pics: instagram @thegramglam

Kristina Königseder

* studied international business administration in Vienna & Paris * currently doing her masters degree in arts- & cultural management * previous work experience in marketing/ PR/ event management/ editorial work * fashion/art/ photography lover