AFA jury member Patricia Romatet

Patricia Romatet © IFM

AFA jury member Patricia Romatet

Patricia Romatet is a professor, director of studies and consulting at IFM Institut Français de la Mode and in charge of IFM LABELS, a coaching program for young designers.
This year, she is a member of the jury selecting the winners of AFA-Austrian Fashion Awards.
Patricia Romatet was consultant designer and later marketing director in the men’s sector and later in distribution. Her activity as director of studies and consulting at IFM allows her to combine knowledge of market challenges and respective positioning with the constant search for what defines uniqueness. Her experience guarantees in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the following sectors: menswear, womenswear, leather goods, shoes, lingerie, jewelry and the home. At IFM she teaches methodology in collection building in the context of brand image.
This busy lady was so kind to answer some questions before her visit to Vienna. Thank you for that!


What is the most important thing you teach your students?

We have two types of students : management students and creative ones.

For the creative ones the most important thing is to explain them the market evolution, expectations and segmentation.

For the management ones the most important thing is to explain them the role of a strong identity and the importance of the creativity.


What role does fashion play for you apart from your profession?

Fashion is about creativity and aesthetic.


As a jury member of the AFA – Austrian Fashion Awards, what are the most important criteria you look at in a label´s work?

Creativity but contemporary.


Have you ever thought of Vienna as a „fashion city“?

To be objective more in the past than today, except Helmut Lang.


Do you agree with Li Edelkoort saying that „fashion is dead“ and has become „ a ridiculous parody of itself“?

No, I think fashion is still a dynamic industry but with new roles and codes.


Your latest fashion discovery?

Vêtements last year and Koche this one

Stephanie Rugel