Anna Achimowicz: “Bigger, better, stronger.”

Anna Achimovicz

Anna Achimowicz: “Bigger, better, stronger.”

Anna Marika Achimowicz is literally a multi talent. Working as a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, GYROKINESIS® trainer and Physiotherapist she always follows her motivational quote “Bigger, better, stronger”.
Born in Warsaw, Poland, living and studying in San Diego, California (USA), Anna Achimowicz started a musical and ballet dance education during early age. Later she developped her skills in contemporary jazz dance and physical theatre. One of her most important productions “Goyas Nightmare” was awarded for the best staging at Polemiqi dance festival 2004 and 2005 in Warsaw.


Anna Achimovicz

I have the pleasure to talk to Anna in personal – she greets me with a smile on her face. Her appearance is strong and tough. Though she seems to be just a normal person like you and me…


What story do you want to tell with your dance performance at Take Festival 2016?
The story is very abstract. I am taking the audience for a journey into my world, where fashion, movement and images are fused and distorted in a surrealistic way. There are three different parts in the evening story, which are about separation, mythical creatures and connecting and disconnecting with space, people and relationships surrounding.


What does dancing mean to you?
Dance is a way of life, better than words a language of expression. Dance means life is made special, and feeling creative during it happens only in the studio or on stage.


How does your daily dance routine look like?
Daily routine is, waking up inspired in the morning, having my training, performance rehearsal from 10 am till 2 pm. Performance happens mostly in the evening around 8 pm. When I am not on tour, dance happens in my head – it’s hard for me to sit still (laughs).


Where do you get your inspirations from?
A strong inspiration, or drive for movement to become and happen is music, fashion, what I’m wearing, what I see around, people, architecture, images, but very ofter dreams and action hapenning in my sleep.

What’s your favourite part of your dance day?
Definitely the part of being on stage and dancing for the audience is the best. I literally live to be and dance on stage.


Three characteristics a dancer must have?
Intelligence, self awareness, controlled insanity – it’s a weird and very special profession.


What was your funniest role in a dance show ever?
I danced for a concept of a fashion designer which was very abstract and metaphysical. The costume I got turned out to look terribly like a funny dinosaur suit with white fangs along the spine and a long tail… The choreography was great in whole, but I literally looked like a cartoon!


One thing you do not like about dancing?
I guess the moments where a crisis comes. Wether physical or emotional. A state where everything feels hard, heavy, unmotivating. But balance is the key.


What are your plans for the future?
Doing what I do now… just bigger, better, stronger.


What’s your tip for a young and driven dancer?
Be passionate about what you do, always work hard and work with the best you can. Don’t let failures get to you because dance is a highly athletic sport. Hard work is required but it’s a beautiful art – so try to keep it special like that for yourself.



Anna Achimovicz

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