Are we readable?


Are we readable?

Klára Petra Szabó is interested in contrasts. The art of mimicry versus camouflage, copying your surroundings or remaining undetectable while hiding behind a cover – both as a means to feel safe. In between the copy and the cover-up there is the state of mimesis, an ancient greek word meaning something like: imitation, representation, the act of resembling, the act of expression, and the presentation of the self. Klára Petra is most interested in how this presentation of oneself becomes visible when wearing clothes – T-Shirts to be exact. In her work “Readable Clothes” which she will present at Take Festival, the artist showcases portraits of people literally wearing their heart on their sleeves, or chests in that case…



If you had to choose one sentence to put on a shirt that represents your personality, what would it be?

That life is an adventure!

What was the last situation that you wished you had a full-body camouflage so you could disappear? 

Actually I want to disappear pretty often, but especially when I have a conflict with someone.

What was one of the best/ funniest quotes on a shirt that you will always remember? 

“Do you want to be right or happy?”

Do you think you can really “read” people through their appearance?

Most of the time yes, definitely!

Why do you think people often mimic others? 

I think people often mimic others because they feel more comfortable when belonging to a group. Like most teenage girls sometimes look totally the same. But probably they are just shopping in the same fast fashion stores…

In a world full of mimics, how does one stay original?

I started to sew my clothes for myself … that’s a solution for me.

What are your expectations of Take Festival and what can we expect from you? 

I expect to meet Austrian designers and maybe someone who collaborates with me in the future or collectors who want to buy my work. In my opinion Take Festival is the best place to meet with new, emerging artists and a perfect chance to become “visible”. What you can expect from me is that I will exhibit some of my paintings from my “Readable Clothes” series. I will be there during the whole festival and gladly talk with anyone who is interested in my work or the topics I work with. Come and visit my room too! 🙂


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Fotos: © Klára Petra Szabó

Kristina Königseder

* studied international business administration in Vienna & Paris * currently doing her masters degree in arts- & cultural management * previous work experience in marketing/ PR/ event management/ editorial work * fashion/art/ photography lover