code noire/ feminism by Susa Kreuzberger

Take Festival Code Noire Feminisme

code noire/ feminism by Susa Kreuzberger

Feminism is the word used by many, but understood only by few. Why? To be honest, I don’t know, but I have some theories. People use the word feminist more in a negative than in a positive way, although there is nothing negative about it. Why I’m saying all of this? I’m saying all of this because there are people, to be frank women, who are trying to change the perception and negative vibes that surround the word feminism and feminist.

Susa Kreuzberger, an Austrian designer, brought me to tears with her concept and performance on the last day of Take Festival. Choreographer and dancer Brigitte Wilfing did an amazing performance by criticizing capitalism and said an amazing sentence: “What is common for money and language? They’re both nothing, but they rule the world.”  As she said that, tears started to run down my face. I don’t know was that because that same day I spend 9.5 hours on my feet trying to earn that “nothing” or because I speak six languages just to be able to fit.  For the first time in my life I didn’t care if somebody sees me crying or what they would think about me. For all of you who missed the performance, you missed the lecture of your life. I decided to make a short interview with Susa, so she could explain to you what were her inspirations, goals and what she tried to tell you with this performance.

Susa, what was the inspiration behind code noire/ feminism ?

My inspiration came from a need for a new expression for feminism, queer, gender, because I saw that those words are today used almost only as an offence. We filmed everything from the entering the building, till the end product incl.  the change of the whole room. 

What is good about this kind of projects?

Well, the great thing is the possibility to work with many great women, such as Christina Nemec, Brigitte Wilfing, Andrea Peller and also being able to express myself and trying to make a change.

Few years back I saw your collection presented at MQ fashion Week, and seeing today´s project, I could assume black is your favourite color. Do you see the color black as sad or negative, like many people do ?

Yes, black is my favorite color and I don’t see it as negative or sad, au contraire I see it as an amazing color that matches everybody and everything. For sure the colorful designs would sell much more and much better, but that’s not me. I make very exclusive and small collections, hand made and hand painted pieces. I’m staying black.

Can you tell the readers who weren’t there, what they missed?

They missed an amazing performance, very cool story behind it and opportunity to see and learn that feminism isn’t a bad word or an offence.

Once again I wanna say thanks to Susa K for a great conversation, for her involvement, for an amazing project, and for me Susa ist the biggest Austrian feminist and i mean it, as always, only positive and as a compliment. I tried to catch moments from the performance for you, so here are some photos.


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