TAKE a walk

Take Festival Fashion Revolution Talk

TAKE a walk

Let’s TAKE a walk through the Alte Post!


First stop: Fashion Revolution Panel with Madeleine Alizadeh, MD Shamsad Hasnine, Corina Ajder and Lucy Norris.


TAKE Phtoto: (c) Corinna Stabrawa

Madeleine Alizadeh | “I write about things that are usually off-topic for fashion bloggers.”


TAKE Photo: (c) Corinna Stabrawa

MD Shamsad Hasnine | “How can we use technology to make fashion more interesting?”


TAKE Photo: (c) Corinna Stabrawa

Corina Ajder | “Put the human being in center.”


TAKE Photo: (c) Corinna Stabrawa

Lucy Norris | “What happens to the clothes when you put them in the bin?”

Next stop: Parcours with Stage me, level me now,  Studio Settings, Ephemeral Studies, Artefakte and RAW.

TAKE Stage me, level me now | Antonia Mayer, Jakob Krinzinger, Benedikt Muxel


TAKE STUDIO SETTINGS | Yasmina Haddad © Manon Zeidler


TAKE Ephemeral Studies | Katarina Balgavy © Manon Zeidler

TAKE ARTEFAKTE | Elena Kouznetsova, w/r/gltch, Daria Eameri © Manon Zeidler

TAKE RAW | Kolleg für Mode-Design-Textil Herbststraße © Manon Zeidler

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