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VNR1 – Vienna Radio One

presented by Musical Collective


The vision behind the Musical Collective is simple: to create a network in which all participating musicians and music-loving individuals should be able to make the most of their own art with combined forces. The music business is tough and can only be conquered by a few. Precisely for this reason, the Musical Collective should unite the most diverse personalities in a network in which each one of them can benefit from the other. “The heartbeat is the first thing we hear. No wonder that rhythm unites us.”


Musical Collective provides a network of musicians to all its members. At regular meetings and via our website, it is possible to network with each other, to realize joint projects and to exchange ideas. Musical Collective acts as host or host at many events. Here the members of the Musical Collective are offered the opportunity to present themselves, to create their own stage and to establish themselves on the market. The mediation of individual artists, such as Singers, DJs and bands are also handled by the Musical Collective. The goal of “Musical Collective” is to bring artists, musicians and music-savvy creatives together in a network. The community platform allows participants to connect directly, share knowledge and support each other for the best possible artistic performance.


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Musical Collective




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Festival 2019, Parcours 2019
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