The Rise of the Phoenix

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The Rise of the Phoenix



22.04.2016 / Parcours / 17:30-19:30


Installation “The Rise of the Phoenix” Theatre Companie Achimowicz

By: Anna Achimowicz And Magdalena Ciechowicz





Nora Rieser

Mari Qua


Sound scape:

Anna Achimowicz with samples by Atrium Carceri, Etienne Gaumet, Murcof



Mari Qua



“The Rise of the Phoenix” is a live istallation capturing a moment from the abstract life of a hybrid fashion/animal/human of Phoenix in the Ashes. Inspired by the mythical tale, the audience can be a witness of a frame frozen in time, when Phoenix is being captured by a human hunter/manipulator/. The room is a live excavation site.




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Festival 2016, Parcours 2016, Performance 2016
Anna Achimowicz, dance, installation, kma, Nora Rieser, performance