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Mittwoch, 26.April 2017
17:00 Uhr  – 18:00 Uhr

As part of the feasibility study Urban Manufacturing Center, an international conference on urban manufacturing will take place at the take-festival in Vienna.

The conference will discuss the chances and risks of productions in Europe.

Is Made in Italy, Made in Germany, Made in NY, Made in VIE reality or just wishful thinking?


Is it actually possible to produce fair and competitive prices in the respective western industrial nations, despite high payroll-related costs and ever so declining know-how?


What impact does a label “Made in” have on the brand, especially when it comes to marketing, PR, and advertising.


Are customers willing to pay more for their clothes when production is based in their home country with completely transparent added values?

Questions are arising in connection with the issue.


Questions that are already being debated in parts by the emergence of similar trends in international environments – which are discussed by an international expert group.


Vera und Olivera Capara / Designerinnen des Labels Capara
Gert Rücker / Eigentümer Produktionsunternehmen JMB “Made in Styria”
Gabor Rose / Geschäftsführer des österreichischen Familienunternehmens JONES
Birgit Seiwald / PR-und Marketing Spezialistin des Traditionsunternehmens Liska
Thang de Hoo / Modedesigner des Couture-Labels Thang de Hoo
Alexander Kopeck / Vorstand Wien 3420
Gabriele Sulzgruber-Schartl / Direktorin der Mode- und Kunstschule. Die Herbststraße



Supported by Federal Chancellery – Bundeskanzleramt







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