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Let's TAKE a walk through the Alte Post!   First stop: Fashion Revolution Panel with Madeleine Alizadeh, MD Shamsad Hasnine, Corina Ajder and Lucy Norris.   Phtoto: (c) Corinna Stabrawa Madeleine Alizadeh | "I write about things that are usually off-topic for fashion bloggers."   Photo: (c) Corinna Stabrawa MD Shamsad Hasnine...

10 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME: 1 | I would love to work in the music or fashion industry. 2 | I have a slight (= MAJOR) obsession with TV Shows. 3 | One of my favorite books is called 'Me Before You'. 4 | My first concert was 30...

Sabine Ott will be part of  Take PARCOURS with her project "Spiegelei". She invited me to her apartment, which looks like one of those artsy homes on tumblr. We talked about her latest project and why she is looking forward to be a part of TAKE. Tell...

Eva Zar, photographer, and Maximilian Mauracher, graphic designer, will do an artistic project at Take Festival Parcours. They took their time to answer some questions about their installation, people’s perception on social media and music. Also, they were chill as eff. I want the readers to get...

sound:frame co-operates with Take Festival this year. Entrepreneur, enthusiast, Eva – the mastermind behind sound:frame festival met me in her office where we talked about her dream job, the fashion trend of 2016 and a musical legend she would love to spend a day with.  What inspired you...