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TALK hosted by: Daniel Kalt



Mittwoch, 26. April 2017

20:30 – 21:30 Uhr



The fashion system is complex and manifold, it encompasses the production and distribution mechanisms of fashion as well as strategies of mise en scène and self-reflection. How then does the presentation of fashion in non-commercial contexts help shape fashion attitudes on behalf of people who like to dress up. Starting point for this talk is the fact that currently two of Vienna’s biggest museums are showcasing fashion with two prominently featured, extensive exhibitions. Some of the questions we will look into could read like this: Which crowds do (art) museums hope to attract when they put on big-scale fashion exhibitions? How do curators tackle the task of putting together a fashion exhibition? How do art and fashion interplay when they are being put on show together? What is the potential benefit for designers whose creations are on show? To what extent are fashion exhibitions vital components of a system in constant evolution?

Daniel Kalt (Die Presse, Vienna)
Dobrila Denegri, curator
Hermann Fankhauser, designer “Wendy & Jim” (tbc)
Jakob Lena Knebl, artist
Filep Motwary, journalist, curator





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