Haunted By The Forces That Suck You In That Pull You Under

About This Project

Haunted By The Forces That Suck You In That Pull You Under


Imagine you stand in front of a mountain range. You can feel the presence of an incredibly large space. It opens your heart to something mystical that is bigger than you – bigger than anything you can imagine. The sensation of awe takes your breath away and you get a feeling of endlessness that is almost physical. The experience of the sublime in the midst of a vast landscape is an other-worldly glimpse into the universe. You are unable to tell if the object in front of you is small and close or rather large and distant. Micro- and macro-space are blurring into a continuous object with no reference to your body or anything real at all. You are left in the uncanny valley. Is it real or is it computer generated? Is it large or is it small?  Is it a piece of rock or is it a mountain range? Maybe a planet or even a universe within itself? And most importantly, how does it make you feel?


The audio visual installation takes a real life flintstone as a starting point and goes on to explore the perception of scale by dissociating the object–environment relationship. It is hard to tell wether the CGI animations show a stone, a rock or a landscape. By generating an immersive viewing experience the piece digitally mimics the sublimity of incredibly large landscapes.

Beteiligter Künstler

Herwig Scherabon


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Festival 2019, Parcours 2019
audiovisuelle Installation, CGI Installation, Fashion, Herwig Scherabon, playground av