Look into my crystal ball

About This Project

Look into my crystal ball

Installation with CRT monitor, analogue video loops, sound


Visual Artist and Director working in analogue photography, analogue video art, installation art, projection art and film.  Working with technology from the early 1980s such as VHS cameras, 3 color tube cameras, analog mixers, and CRT TVs, this installation will feature a video piece which juxtaposes fashion elements and sound to create an immersive experience as imagined from the perspective of the runway model. The work will be displayed in an analog TV from the mid 1980s in the shape of a space helmet, called the “Discoverer”. This helmet with its moving visor, also serves to highlight the facade we are hiding behind in our daily life, and how fashion and our clothes (outward appearance) reflect this. 

No part of the creation of my work takes place in a digital domain. 

Austin Settle works and lives in Los Angeles and Vienna, Austria.


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Austin Settle (USA)


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Festival 2019, Parcours 2019
Austin Settle, Look into my crystal ball, playground