The bow at the centre of the décolleté

About This Project

The bow at the centre of the décolleté

An exhibition that delves into the social demeanours of fashion, from eroticism to “assymetrical fantasies of pure charm if little substance”.


The project features sculpture, installation and photography that take into account the material and sensorial fetishes of fabrics such as silk, sateen, tulle and lace to explore ideas around heteronormativity, homosociality and tradition.


Beteiligte Künstler_innen & Kurator_innen


Kenneth Loe

Jovan Glušica­­

Joanna Woś

Ilija Vujošević



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Festival 2019, Parcours 2019
Fashion, Fetishes of fabrics, Heteronormativity, Ilija Vujošević, installation, Joanna Woś, Jovan Glušica, Kenneth Loe, The bow at the centre of the décolleté, Tradition